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At Digital Mandate, we listened to the challenges that Buyers and Sellers alike have endured in the PPE industry and we set about to deliver a complete solution.

A solution that enabled Buyers and Sellers to engage directly in a secure and automated purchasing environment.

Digital Mandate delivers a long-overdue solution to the PPE industry that enables both the Buyer and the Seller to transact with confidence, knowing all parties are vetted and approved before being issued with secure access to the Digital Mandate platform.


Each background of the Digital Mandate seller and the stock of goods are checked before accessing the system. An approved Seller can load their warehouse for sale (according to the inspection quantity) and tailor the desired Sale Order Process (SOP) and, above all, be ready to do business safely.

The seller only sees the inventory they have loaded. A full product review is available in real time through the live dashboard.

When the Seller's SOP corresponds to the Buyer's profile and both parties have completed ncnda, the Seller and the Buyer have direct access to trading through the Digital Mandate platform.

Why use Digital Mandate?


Digital Mandate buyers

In the same way, sellers are also inspected before they are granted secure access to the platform. Once approved, the buyer enters the desired purchase sop (Sale Order Process) and is ready to buy.

When the Buyer accepts the Seller's SOP, ncnda is submitted for signature. Once both the Seller and the Buyer have signed NCNDA, both have direct access to trading through the Digital Mandate platform.

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Digital Mandate – state and hospital buyers

Digital Mandate serves government and hospital buyers. When it comes to the installation process, this is largely the same as for our direct buyers. The process is different only in the store.

The selected and approved sponsor of Digital Mandate reviews the requirement of the government/hospital department through the Digital Mandate platform and purchases the necessary inventory from the holder of the Digital Mandate title in accordance with the Sale Order Process (SOP).

The financier then sells the warehouse separately to the government/hospital buyer through a commercial invoice, which helps the government/hospital buyer to buy directly from the seller, offering a solution for the required PoF (Proof Of Funds) – customization. solution for state and hospital buyers.

Why use Digital Mandate?


James Kaye

Digital mandate +44 7985 201569

I have held various management positions for the past 14 years in the field of information technology. In the main, I am working to improve the efficiency of the introduction of new processes and the current procedures.

Over the years, I have also worked in various projects, national and international trade, and have done humanitarian aid work in food production.

At Digital Mandate, my role is to manage the project and improve the efficiency of our operating methods, as well as the introduction of new customers.

Ville Kaunola

Digital mandate +358 50 544 6644

I have worked in international trade for over ten years on various projects, raw materials and securities. In addition, I have been involved in several start-up projects consulting globally. PPE sector from 2020. Since the pandemic began, I have been able to help several companies with the purchase of protective equipment, and this work is still ongoing. Together with our great colleagues, we strive to create new things in this field and believe that Digital Mandate will develop into a trading platform for a wide range of industries.

At Digital Mandate, my role is in sales, process management and customer service.

Colin Kaye

Digital mandate +44 7507 899664

I've worked in IT for over 30 years. Most of this time has been spent working for software companies.

Before joining Digital Mandate, I held management positions at a Scandinavian company where we took the company to the international market and opened 12 subsidiaries. Eventually, we took the company to the stock exchange. I served on the Group's Board of Directors for 12 years and served as ceo of four subsidiaries.

I have also worked in senior consulting positions with various board members, providing sales and marketing advice to various software companies over the past 10 years.

At Digital Mandate, I am responsible for sales and oversee the development of the project comprehensively.