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Protect your supply chain from risks

Lumiostore also operates internationally under the name Lumiostore Global. We have created a reliable partnership network worldwide and are able to operate reliably and transparently through efficient processes between the seller and the buyer.

Well-known and reliable partners guarantee deliveries for all needs

Lumiostore Global is an internationally renowned trade broker of protective equipment. Our processes have been developed to protect your value chain in international markets. We work with a number of well-known and reliable international actors to protect and safeguard the well-being of people and communities.

Lumiostore has brought a completely new approach to intermediary activities. A consulting and customer-oriented approach helped us find the right delivery channel and the contact work is still ongoing.

Our processes

1. Inquiry
We receive a survey or request for quotation, which we aim to respond to within 24 hours.
Non-disclosure agreement between the parties. We can then also share confidential material with you.
5. Accept / Deny
If SOP is acceptable, we will proceed to the formal offer. If you are not satisfied, we will continue to discuss the changes.
7. SPA
Agreement between the Parties for signature.
2. Soft call
A call with the buyer/buyer representative and possibly also with the seller. We go through the customer's detailed wishes.
4. SOP
We will make a way of doing what you need to do to complete the transaction together with the seller for your approval.
6. FCO
Official offer for your approval.
8. Delivery
Delivery may begin.

We went through Lumiostore to find syringes and needles for vaccines. Around the world, prices rose and availability was poor. Lumiostore helped us find a delivery channel where we got the products we needed with a very good contract.

Our consulting team for your help

Our consulting and scalable team works according to your needs and wishes so that we can achieve the solution that best supports your community in the procurement of protective equipment. We do not have one right way of doing things; It is of the utmost importance that, even in our first call, we can identify needs and carry out a wishful procedure (SOP).

We did business through Lumiostore. However, we encountered significant supply problems during the contract. Snowshoe, however, continued to work even though the contract was threllated. In the end, we were able to change suppliers, so despite a slight delay, we were able to get deliveries going. Despite the challenges, we welcome the cooperation.

A pioneer in your changing demands

We are able to serve both end customers and proxy buyers. We also consult on interim funding models through our partner network when needed.

We continuously develop our operations and processes. Today, we are a pioneer in changing requirements and product development.

We always ensure that the entire value chain works so that you can safely be independent of the country and the producer.

Our main products are nitrile gloves, masks and respirators, as well as vaccine-related needles and syringes. We also offer Covid-19 Antige rapid tests, PCR tests and Antibody tests.

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International sales +44 7985 201569

Colin Kaye

International sales +44 7507 899664

Ville Kaunola

International sales +358 50 544 6644

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