We will keep your workplace up to date on first aid readiness

At what level is your workplace's first aid readiness? Through us, you can get all first aid products for your company to ensure sufficient first aid preparedness. The coverage requirements for first aid readiness are determined by your company's risk category. The occupational safety and health administration's guidelines are used to define the risk category, but each workplace/workstation risk category is defined together with the person responsible for occupational safety and health in the company.

Lumiostore keeps your workplace safe

At Lumiostore, we want to help companies and communities to continue their operations as normally as possible despite the pandemic situation. Adequate safeguards and the right product choices contribute to the safety of your staff and customers and minimize the risks of business damage. In our range you will find the latest product innovations such as AirCide spray that creates a corona-protecting film, antibacterial paper that kills viruses, Finnish FFP2 respirators, individually packed mouth-nose protectors, face visors, disinfectants and protective clothing, and more!