HEAT-IT ARCTIC RESCUE cold protection solutions

Lumiostore Finland Oy is a cold protection solutions and emergency care professional whose Department of Cold Protection Solutions specialises in hypothermia products. The product range serves both immediate patient protection and preparedness for various accident situations. We have developed and tested hypothermia products in cooperation with experts and customers in the field.

Lumiostore Finland Oy is a manufacturer of HEAT-IT ARCTIC RESCUE products, and the fabric products are still handmade in Rovaniemi.  

HEAT-IT products and use have a long tradition and the products have been designed in cooperation with rescue professionals and the Finnish Defence Forces. In addition, HEAT-IT products have been tested by an independent body at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (THL)

HEAT-IT ARCTIC RESCUE products have been in use since the beginning of the 2000s and their development has continued to this day. In the case of HIITTI rechargeable heat packs, we operate as a manufacturer and heat packs have been on the Finnish market since the early 1990s. The design and development of hypothermia products has mainly been carried out by Pekka Kilpeläinen, who took over heat-it oy's business in 2004 and he owned the company until 2020. Through his unwavering and unyielding work, we were able to build a product family that meets the demands of today's professionals. The product family also includes HIITTI rechargeable heat packs, which today exist in two models of different sizes, HIITTI200® and HIITTI1000® 

Lumiostore Finland Oy acquired the HEAT-IT hypothermia products business through a business transaction in autumn 2020.

HEAT-IT ARCTIC RESCUE products are used by e.g.

Tools for rescue professionals

Heat-It products and solutions are intended both to protect patients in the event of an accident, but also to protect rescue personnel against the cold.

With combinations of products and different product solutions, professional emergency care in cold conditions is reliable and fast.

It is easy and safe for professionals to operate with Heat-It equipment.

Preparing for accidents

Long-term practical experience and knowledge of the specific needs of cold conditions have helped to develop appropriate, reliable and easy-to-use products for cold conditions.

The products are suitable for wilderness travel and the use of hikers due to their features.

Lumiostore Finland Ltd.

At Lumiostore, we want to help companies and communities to continue their operations as normally as possible despite the pandemic situation. Adequate safeguards and the right product choices contribute to the safety of your staff and customers and minimize the risks of business damage. In our range you will find the latest product innovations such as AirCide spray that creates a corona-protecting film, antibacterial paper that kills viruses, Finnish FFP2 respirators, individually packed mouth-nose protectors, face visors, disinfectants and protective clothing, and more!