BURN KOOL burn gel, 50ml

BURN KOOL burn gel 50ml

BURN KOOL burn products are designed for emergency care for every degree of burns. The products relieve pain and moisturize the burn, slowing down and ultimately halting its progression process, as well as preventing the harm caused by burns. 

The products contain tea tree oil and water, which makes pain relief in the injury area very effective. After use, the water-soluble product can be easily removed by rinsing and does not dry out to the burn. All BURN KOOL burn products are stored at room temperature. 

Non-allergenious products are ideal for emergency care in burn areas. In case of major burns, always seek treatment after emergency medical procedures. 

  1. Open the burn bandage kit and remove the sterile bandage according to the aseptic working method. The burn bandage prevents contamination of the fire area. 
  2. Place the bandage over the burn area and pour the gel in the bag over the bandage. Do not rub the gel or burn area. 
  3. Keep the burn area elevated and the patient's body warm.


In the case of chemical burns, rinse and neutralise the chemicals first according to the instructions supplied with them. After careful rinsing, cover the area according to the burn kool product instructions. 

If the burn products exceed 10% of the patient's body surface area, the patient's body temperature should be monitored due to the risk of hypothermia. 


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