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ARCTIC RESCUE light hypothermia bag

Heat-It Light hypothermia bag is a quick-to-use method to protect a lying patient from the cold and at the scene of an accident while waiting to be transported. It was developed to protect the cold victim and prevent hypothermia. The hypothermia bag is made of special ice and reflective and windproof fabric, so it protects the patient even in cold conditions. It is protected from the bottom by cellular plastic, so it isolates the cold from the ground.

It has an integrated inner pocket at the patient's chest where an HIITTI 1000® immediately ready heat pack can be set as an additional heater. The bag does not contain zippers but attaches and opens quickly with stickers

Manufactured in Finland


  • outer lining: soft taffee fabric (same as space deck)
  • inside / lining: Surface fabric red 100% siliconized Polyester with quilted 10 x 10 cm with ISOSOFT 34 / 100 g rim. Very good thermal insulation performance.
  • water-repellent siliconized stitch fabric
  • tested at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
  • can be rolled into a small space
  • size: 190 cm x 54 cm
  • rolled 22 cm
  • weight: 1,7 kg
  • colour: orange
  • washing: at 40°

265,00  sis. VAT 328,60 

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