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NUOMIGAO Respirator FFP2 NR, 10 pcs / PK

NUOMIGAO Respirator FFP2 NR, 10 pcs / PK

Nuomigaon 10-piece packet of particle-filtering face masks/corona masks with 3-D patterning that gives more room for breathing. The respirator can be used to protect breathing from viruses, particles, dust, sand, pollen, etc. The product should be stored in a well-ventilated, dark and dry environment. Protect against fire, impurities and potential polluters. FFP2-class respirators half masks can usually also be used to prevent or protect dust, building dust, germs, viruses and infectious diseases. N.B! We are not responsible for the protection of the product in question against diseases. Read the exact product description, the exact protection of the packaging and, of course, the correct installation of the mask and the placement of rubber bands on the face.


How to wear a protective mask:

1. Before use, check that the package is intact and complete. Wash your hands, then remove the corona mask from the package.
2. Stretch the face mask.
3. Hold the mask against the face, pull the ear loops around the ears, adjust the ear loops to ensure ear comfort.
4. Place the padded nose pad on the inside of the mask, place the fingers of both hands in the center of the nasal clip, move your fingers to adjust the nose clip to match your face.
5. Squeeze the nose clip around the nose clip with the fingers of both hands for an airtight inspection.


1. Use the mask according to the instructions and perform a leak-tightness test to ensure that you receive proper protection.
2. Do not wear a disposable mask if it is outdated, broken, dirty or contaminated.
3. People who are allergic to product materials must not use the product.
4. Do not wear a mask while sleeping.
5. Protect against heat and fire. They lead to deformation of the mask and reduce filtration efficiency.
6. If you need to take off the mask from time to time, pull it out and avoid the external part of it touching your hands, mouth and nose.
7. This is a disposable mask, not for repeated use.
8. Destroy or fold the mask and dispose of it in the trash after use.


– Masks can filter certain impurities, but improper use of the mask can cause illness or even death.
– When transporting this product, use the original packaging.

Malli: FFP2 NR
Mallinumero: NMG-9001
CE-merkitty / CE-hyväksyntä: Kyllä ( CE 0370 )
Koko: 155mmx105mm (±5mm)
Laatikossa: 10 kpl maskeja/laatikko
Toimeenpanostandardit: EN 149:2001+A1:2009
Direktiivi: REGULATION (EU) 2016/425
Pääkoostumus: PP kehrätty kuitukangas + sulapuhallettu kuitukangas + sähköstaattinen puuvilla
Kuljetusvaraston lämpötila: -20°C ~+40°C, suhteellinen kosteus:<80%RH.
Säilyvyys: 2 vuotta
Lääketieteellisen käyttöön: Ei
Valmistaja: Fujian Nuomigao Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

3,80  sis. VAT 4,71 

0,38  / pcs (VAT 0%)
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