LUMIO protective visor on the face


A splash shield covering the whole face provides effective protection against droplet contamination, both in health care and in other tasks requiring close contact. Clear, non-frosted, disinfectable and reusable plastic visor. Sits tightly with the help of a snum rubber band. Foam on the forehead, which allows the use of spectacles under the visor. Adult and children's models.


Remove the product from the plastic and check its condition. Place the foam on your forehead and pull the rubber band behind the back of your head. Adjust the size if necessary. Do not touch the outside of the visper during operation. Disinfect the product after use and place in a sterile environment for next use.

  • Effective protection against droplet contamination
  • Clear and frostless
  • Disinfected
  • Reusable
  • CE approval

Set up visper

Remove the protective sheath from the visor, otherwise it will be greyish.

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